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We Need You, Become a Citizen Scientist Help Astronomers Classify Galaxies Far, Far away

Want to help out with a real science project? Become a citizen scientist and help astronomers classify galaxies far, far away. The galaxies are between 800 million and 4 billion light years from Earth. Some of them are absolutely beautiful! Anyone can join in and you'll be contributing to real science. Categorize a galaxy far, far away. Take a journey to some of the extreme reaches of our Universe to help Australian researchers understand how galaxies grow and develop. The good thing is anyone can join in and assist astronomers categorize galaxies up to 3-4 billion light years away.

Why they need your help

They’ve got more than 200,000 galaxy images that need categorizing. Computers can do some of the work but the human eye is still the top tool for categorizing galaxies. It only takes a few minutes and if everybody can do just a few images, they’ll be done in no time! So go to this link write now and do some science. 

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