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Here's everything that's wrong with 'the Big Bang Theory'

The competition that we see between science and religion today is definitely more stretched than it has ever been, but it's surely not a new thing. As the interesting episode of MinutePhysics explains, centuries ago, physicists believed that the Universe had existed endlessly, and was stationary, everlasting, and unchanging. Obviously, that theory was at serious odds with the stories explaining origin of universe held up by main religions at the time, and this encouraged a Catholic Priest in Belgium, Georges Lemaître, to take up cosmology and suggest a different theory - the Universe did have a starting point, and it's expanding.

Lemaître had the up-to-date clarifications from American astronomer Edwin Hubble to back him up, not only this but the mathematics from Einstein's general theory of relativity, which together permitted him to 'rewind' the past of the Universe and disclose that over billions and billions of years, it's been getting bigger. He named this theory the Primeval Atom, but we now we call it as the Big Bang Theory. Henry Reich in the video say "Except 'Big Bang' is an awful name - it would be much more precise to call it the Everywhere Stretch," You can watch the complete video below.

Big Bang is not an accurate name because the words "big" and "bang" propose that the observable Universe started off as a lone point, from which everything rapidly expanded into the nearby emptiness. But that's not what the data, that we have gathered, tells us. The reality is everything in the visible Universe was compressed down into a very small space in the beginning, but it wasn't a single point at all, and the rest of the Universe, as we know, was still out there surrounding it.

The key to everything seems to be the unbelievable power of infinity. It could be that the Universe is, actually, infinite, which means it doesn't matter how much you compress everything inside it down, and it’s still going to be infinite. Henry Reich in the video say "Fundamentally, space doesn't need anything to inflate 'into', because it can expand into itself, and still have plenty of room,"

Back to that awful phrase, the Big Bang, and Henry's suggestion for it being renamed the Everywhere Stretch centers on the fact that the growth of the observable Universe wasn't just 'big', it was everywhere, and it wasn't a bang, it was just space stretching out into itself.

And as we're at it, we should perhaps rethink the resultant name of the Big Bang Singularity, of which every word is confusing, says Henry.  So where does the idea of 'God' come into all of this? Well for that you'll have to watch the video below to find out. 

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