Here is how you can turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram

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Holograms are no doubt remarkable. Holograms are awesome because they can make our heroes appear in 3D in front of us from thousands of kilometres away, whether it's Stephen Hawking performing in Sydney previously this year from the ease of his home in London, or Tupac appearing at Coachella from, um, his elegant hide-out in Cuba? We can even touch 3D holograms now, thanks to scientists in Japan who used powerful, ultra-quick lasers to make tiny holograms that can be actually felt and react to human touch. But what about playing around with holograms in the ease of our own homes? The splendid video below by Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube shows you how to make amazing 3D holograms that can be projected from your smartphone. 
Image: Mrwhosetheboss

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