SpaceX strapped a GoPro inside a Falcon 9 rocket and captured this spectacular footage of Earth

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Elon Musk's firm, SpaceX, posts a lot of videos of its rockets and spacecraft, and much of the videos shows those rockets blasting off into space. But this time, the group attached a GoPro camera to a fairing on a Falcon 9 and made this unbelievable video as that part fell back to earth. Certainly, they selected Johann Strauss II's "Blue Danube" as the soundtrack, which was also used in "2001: A Space Odyssey" during those long acts with the lunar landing and space-station docking. SpaceX has already made history as the first commercial-rocket company to port with the International Space Station. It is presently testing the spacecraft that will transfer the company's first human astronauts in 2017. Watch the video below:

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