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You’re on a journey with an exploration group out in a desert wilderness. Suddenly, a huge dust storm hits. You and the team struggle to get to shelter, when flying debris hits your side and knocks you out. After the storm diminishes, you awake hours later to discover that your group has left you behind in a huge wasteland after mistaking you for dead. But you’re alive—and no one has any idea about it. This would be a terrifying situation on Earth, but imagine the wasteland is the Martian surface, and your crewmembers didn’t just leave you behind; they left the whole planet behind. This shocking set of situations works as the idea for Andy Weir’s debut novel The Martian, which follows astronaut Mark Watney as he develops clever ways to stay alive on Mars after his team leaves him behind. It’s definitely a great book, jam-packed with numerous puzzles, nerdy chemistry experiments, and a lot of swearing and mockery from Watney.
Matt Damon as Mark Watney, an astronaut stuck on the Martian surface.

Now, The Martian is receiving an impressive Hollywood movie version, with Matt Damon as Watney, Jessica Chastain as the team’s commander, and Jeff Daniels as NASA’s fictional manager. We saw a short sight of the team of the Hermes few days back, and the first official trailer for The Martian was also released a couple of days ago. And it looks remarkable! And maybe also a little insane. As we know, Mars is not a friendly place, and in The Martian nothing ever goes according to strategy. Watney only has enough supplies to last him almost a month, but he has to come up with an approach to make them last for up to almost four years—when the next Mars mission is planned to land. How The trailer shows sights of just some of the many obstacles he come across along the way. Damon’s Watney is flung about by Martian sandstorm and a huge explosion knocks him several feet from his shelter. At one point, he has to use duct tape to cover a hole in his head covering.

Watch the full trailer below, as well as an interview with Andy Weir about how tough it will be to pull off a Mars trip:

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