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Black holes are without any doubt one of the most mysterious things in the entire universe. Certainly, they're the dark, mysterious, unforgiving vacuum cleaners of universe. But a recent study proposes they may not be all doom and misery after all. There are numerous theories as to what would occur if you fell into a black hole: that you would get hard-pressed into spaghetti, or that a wall of fire would burn you. According to new calculations from Ohio State physicist Samir Mathur propose nothing so gloomy. Actually, if a black hole ate the earth right now, he says, we might not even know it. Mathur postulates that material that touches a black hole, instead of being shattered, might turn into a near-impeccable hologram. And if that's still not trippy enough, think about the fact that we may be living in a hologram at present.
A Black Hole In The Dwarf Galaxy Image Credit: M60-UCD1 NASA, ESA, STScI-PRC14-41a

The paper hasn't been peer-reviewed yet, as far as i can tell, and it will certainly be controversial--although not for causes a normal person might imagine. A notion called complementarity proposes that any hologram made by a black hole has to be accurately perfect. But that's not probable, other physicist’s debate, so certainly getting pulled into a black hole means death. Mathur's idea lies someplace in between, with black holes generating holograms that are imperfect—just like the rest of the cosmos.

It's going to be quiet hard to test whether or not it's correct, but hey, it's not the weirdest notion out there.

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