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This Amazing Refractionary Illusion Will Blow Your Mind

According to Quantum Mechanics, microscopically-speaking, the whole thing we think we know about how objects behave is quite incorrect. These principles are evidently proved with diffraction and refraction, which deal with the bending of waves. They can simply be seen in something as ordinary as a glass of water. For example, when you stick your straw in a glass of water, you might see that the straw appears bent or broken close the middle. Yet when you observe it closely, you see that it has no such imperfection, that is, until you place it back in the glass and it mysteriously reemerges. That, my good friends, is an example of refraction; when light travel through the glass of water from the air, they are bent. Actually, the straw looks normal from above, but below — where the straw seems broken — the direction of light has altered. Learn more in the video below:

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