The Mind-bending Physics Behind Interstellar, with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Christopher Nolan

Most of us are aware of the concept of time travel. In any case, it appears almost everywhere in our science fiction. There are as well a lot of giant and powerful black holes. From Star Trek to Doctor Who to Star Wars, science fiction is jam-packed with things that comes between actuality and imagination. But where does one should actually stop and the other begin? As it turns out, physics is a bit foggy, and from time to time it is a rather tough to draw a perfect line in the sand. Take one of the most recent box office successes, Interstellar. Just how precise is the physics in this movie? As it turns out, quite precise. Although it would be a bit of an expanse to say that every part of Interstellar was 100 percent scientifically correct, most of the movie was scientifically conceivable.

Certainly, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar summonses scientific critique. They called upon theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, to assist as a script adviser and executive producer on the film, and they also issued a companion tome, The Science of Interstellar, clarifying many of the scientific ideas used in the movie. Here, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson argues about the science behind the film with Nolan. Go on a journey to discover some of the most motivating ideas in physics:

“Explore Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the math that supports the possibility of time travel, the physics of wormholes and the practicality of warping space-time. Learn why clocks tick faster on the ISS and GPS satellites than they do here on Earth, why neutron stars have powerful magnetic fields, and why hydrogen appears twice on the periodic table. Plus, Neil recites his poem about falling into a black hole, and Bill Nye “rants” about why there’s no place like home, not even on an exoplanet or Mars.”
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The Mind-bending Physics Behind Interstellar, with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Christopher Nolan The Mind-bending Physics Behind Interstellar, with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Christopher Nolan Reviewed by Umer Abrar on 5/27/2015 Rating: 5

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  1. Neil Degrasse Tyson T-shirts. The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it. Let me get this straight...we are expected to believe on faith like religious people that all theories and concepts of science are true whether we believe it or not? Does anyone here realize how bizarre that statement is? Theory does not equal fact. This is exactly the same as saying the Bible is true whether you believe it or not. How's that for powerful manipulation brainwashing. And science makes fun of religious people that believe on faith? There is no reality, only our perception or delusion of reality, which ever you chose to believe. If you let yourself fall victim to a belief bias of any kind that's when you start forcing the pieces together, even when they don't fit at all. Its medication folks grin.

    Is pop science becoming a cult? Cult's typically reduce things to black and white. Shades of grey are strictly forbidden, not allowed. After all if theirs alone is the ultimate Truth, than every other group must be wrong, which leads to an 'us versus them' mentality. You're either with the group or you're an outsider. (This is often the aspect of the paranoia of cult leaders, as well) You must accept everything without question or not. You must except theory as fact or not, or you will be shunned by the group as a non-believer. This goes part of the way to explaining how group members end up distancing themselves from other groups like people that believe in God, after all they know nothing about science, how could they if they believe in God?. Enter Science vs religion. These followers of celebrity science are made to believe that outsiders (i.e., those not in the group following science) are a bad influence and are stopping them from growing, evolving, progressing in some way.

    The cult psychology of black and white thinking extends to many other areas, too. You are fully committed or not, either you believe in the teachings, concepts and theories of science or not, you must accept everything without question or not. You must except theories, and concepts as fact or not, how's that for powerful manipulation brainwashing. This pseudo- identity is designed to protect itself. Using reason and logic with them is usually hopeless and counterproductive because it only serves to isolate the person further. Discussions are counterproductive with group members as they teach that family, friends and outsiders will not understand, either you believe in science or not. These members avoid any discussions about their cult like traits. The similarities are exactly the same as any religious cult, viewing outsiders as blasphemer's, the evil of the devil attempting to hamper their true knowledge.

    Autonomous thoughts and ideas seem to be prohibited by the same people who profess themselves to be free from the shackles of belief. The comments from these supposedly freethinkers are the antithesis of what they proclaim to be.


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