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We’re coming for you, Pluto and we are very close now. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has been making its way to the well-known dwarf planet for the past more than eight years. During that time, the spacecraft was in hibernation mode, but it recently “awoke” this past January preceding to its flyby of the Pluto, planned for July 14. Though everyone’s looking forward to July’s flyby, New Horizons keeps entertaining us with little gifts along the way. Two days ago, NASA released the most comprehensive images yet of Pluto—this time, with its surface structures coming into sight. The photos were taken between May 8 and May 12 from 50 million miles away, using New Horizons’ telescopic camera. According to NASA, a technique called “image deconvolution” was used to improve the images, revealing wide surface markings and a bright spot at Pluto’s pole (a polar ice cap, maybe?). Check out these awesome photos below:

Image Credit: NASA
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