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You can help NASA discover asteroids with this free app

NASA has launched a new app that provides amateur astronomers the chance to discover asteroids and all you need is an Internet connection, a simple telescope, and some extra time on your hands. The Asteroid Data Huntersoftware, which was publicized at South by Southwest last week, was produced as part of a NASA competition in union with asteroid mining company Planetary Resources, and it’s informed to be able to recognize 15 percent more asteroids in our Solar System’s asteroid belt than former equipment. You can easily download it for you PC or Mac here. The new algorithm works by inspecting telescope images and then calculating which heavenly bodies are travelling in an asteroid-like mode. The software then tries to match these possible asteroids against presently known near-Earth objects to work out if it’s possibly spotted something new.
Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

All you have to do to help this procedure is upload your telescope pictures to the app. Any suspicious-looking possible asteroids can then be directed to NASA for more study. NASA is presently struggling to keep on top of all the near-Earth objects that are travelling around Earth, and the possible risk they pose to Earth. But optimistically getting the public to offer their telescopes to the hunt as well will help them observe more of the sky in more detail. So click here to initiate searching. Who knows, you might one day end up having an asteroid named after you, see spacecraft’s orbit your discovery or just give humankind a world-saving heads up about a gigantic rocky body racing its way towards Earth.

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