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Einstein Was Right: Space-Time Is Smooth, Not Foamy

Space-time is smooth instead of foamy, a new study proposes, scoring a promising success for Einstein over some quantum theorists who came after him. In his general theory of relativity, Einstein explained space-time as essentially smooth, warping only under the strain of energy and matter. Some quantum-theory interpretations disagree, however, observing space-time as being composed of a froth of tiny particles that persistently pop into and out of existence. It seems Albert Einstein may have been right once again. A group of scientists came to this result after sketching the long journey three photons took through intergalactic space (GRB). The photons were triggered by a powerful explosion known as a gamma-ray burst about 7 billion light-years from Earth. They finally barreled into the sensors of NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in May2009, arriving only a millisecond apart.
Einstein's theory of general relativity anticipated that the space-time around Earth would be not only distorted but also warped by the planet's rotation. Gravity Probe B showed this to be accurate.

Their dead-heat finish intensely proves the Einsteinian view of space-time accurate, scientists said. The wavelengths of gamma-ray burst photons are so slight that they should be able to interact with the even minute "bubbles" in the quantum theorists' suggested space-time foam. If this foam truly exists, the three photons should have been whacked around a bit during their epic journey. In such a situation, the probabilities of all three reaching the Fermi telescope at almost the same time are very low, scientists said. So the recent study is a strike against the foam's existence as presently imagined, yet not a death blow.

Study leader Robert Nemiroff, of Michigan Technological University, said in a report. "If foaminess exists at all, we think it must be at a scale far smaller than the Planck length, indicating that other physics might be involved," (The Planck length is a nearly unimaginably small distance, about one trillionth of a trillionth the diameter of a hydrogen atom.) Nemiroff added "There is a possibility of a statistical fluke, or that space-time foam interacts with light differently than we imagined," If the study holds up, the implications of this study are huge, researchers said.

Bradley Schaefer of Louisiana State University said "If future gamma-ray bursts confirm this, we will have learned something very fundamental about our universe," 

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Unknown said...

As much as a scientific explanation for complicated, it is all from the truth and not logical.
Ferenc, do you know at all how it is produced and how they arise and disappear matter in the universe, almost indefinitely? What science and Einstein say about a "marriage" regarding time -space is pure nonsense. If you know what the spirituality of the universe, then it is pointless to compare science with spirituality, because the doctrine renounced the notion of spirituality and existence. You your evidence and have nothing to do with the laws of nature, because all you get into my PC and then make one of your model, in which later as Jews believe in the golden calf, when they fled from Egypt.
Can you to let go a little lower and to explain just one thing and that is: What is the cause SPIN THE PLANET? If you explain it, then it can be considered as a valuable discovery for the Nobel Prize.

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