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What existed before the big bang?

It is quite hard to visualize a time, approximately 13.7 billion years ago, when the whole universe existed as a singularity. According to the big bang theory, one of the key contenders struggling to describe how the universe came to be, all the matter in the universe -- all of space itself -- occurred in a form minor than a subatomic particle. When you think about that, an even tougher question arises: What precisely existed just before the big bang happened? The question itself exists before current cosmology by at least 1,600 years. Fourth-century theologian St. Augustine struggled with the nature of God before the formation of the cosmos. So what was his answer? 

Time was part of God's formation, and there basically was nothing like "before" that a deity could call home. The famous physicists, Albert Einstein, came to very parallel deductions with his theory of relativity. Just think about the effect of mass on time. A planet's immense mass bends time -- making time run a little bit slower for a person on Earth's surface than a person on s satellite in orbit around Earth. The change in the speed of time is too minor to notice.

The pre-big bang singularity controlled all the mass in the cosmos, efficiently passing time to a standstill. Following this route of logic, the heading of this article is essentially flawed. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, time only came into existence as that primeval singularity stretched toward its current size and shape. Case solved? Well nope. 

This is one cosmological difficulty that won't stay dead. In the decades after Einstein's death, the beginning of quantum physics and a host of current theories revived questions about the pre-big bang universe. So, what existed before the big bang is still an open question and needs to be answered. Maybe another universe or a different form of our own universe existed before the Big Bang Or maybe a sea of universes, every universe with a different set of laws governing its physical reality. 

So what are your views about what existed before Big Bang?????

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Anonymous said...

Before the creation of the universe, there was only Nicolas Cage.

Anonymous said...

Wait. I said his name wrong. I meant there was only Academy-Award-Winning-Actor Nicolas Cage.

Icemoon Theory said...

Without BH's, space time cannot perpetuate. This would cause a collapse of the Universe. No matter how large it may grow. This eventual collapse takes all other resident matter with it. Collapsing it down infinitesimally small, until this collapse reaches criticality, releasing the collapsed energy of all that infinitely squashed matter residue. This release is the initial big bang early expansion we theorise about today. If though, this matter expansion event does not allow for the creation of more BH's, the expansion will stop and once again shrink and collapse in on itself. Repeating the same event again and again. Without some space-time involvement from BH's, our space could not exist. For more theories and insights check our page, leave us a like if you please.

pambatman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pambatman said...

if there is no existence of time - then - what the hell are we asking about? the time unit in negative form -
May we can have time in "-" Ve [negative] form ... that was there before time ... the negative time :d

Anonymous said...

theory of relativity show that time can be slow down, that imply time can be slow down until the speed is zero... mean, time's velocity maybe can be calculated... wow .. i made some finding today... lol..

in singularity, time stop... when time stop, everything stop.. in our point of view, it's a situation comparable to measurement what so ever.. mean in order for it to exist, there must be a something from outside of the universe (singularity) that started the chaos, that started the universe to have characteristic and manifest.. may be this is the furthest knowledge human can go... maybe we need to answer question about blackhole before we can start to have a glimpse of this question...

Richard Danu said...

No no no.. There was Chuck Norris... ;)

Anonymous said...

If in a singularity time is at a complete stop then nothing can change and it will remain as a singularity.Three questions arise, where did this singularity come from? Who created it? Who started the creation of the universe from this singularity (if it was there to begin with)?
Answer: Allah (God)
Allah ordered us to learn and think about the creation of the universe and earth as there are a lot of signs of his creation and search for answers and all lead to him only.

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