This is the Correct View of Time According to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Time controls and directs our lives. Though, time may not be precisely what it appears. So, if it’s not what we think it is…then what precisely is it? How does it rule our lives, if it does at all? Can we change it? Brian Greene answers many of our most demanding questions about time in this remarkable video.

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This is the Correct View of Time According to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity  This is the Correct View of Time According to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity Reviewed by Umer Abrar on 1/11/2015 Rating: 5


  1. The physicist thinks only in term s of matter. When time and its direction are applied to life, it shows the opposite. Life opposes entropy. It works towards greater and order. All biologists know life begins with little perturbation in a single cell when the spirit or information from the male enters it. Life can have positive and negative evolution in terms of physical modifications and adaptation to local environment, but intellectually the species has tendency to evolve to become more and more conscious and intelligent. It is ekpyrotic process that leads to Big Bang. It conquers time and initializes to survive time. Can we not extend it to the universe and understand universe as information explosion or unfolding and enfolding of information. Ancient east understood it as consciousness and intelligence of God a Primal Being unfolding. This vision brings the spiritual secret as science breaking the barriers of religions – explore the link below

  2. We must assume time itself is an earth condition wich is not relevant to the universe

    So if time is not meshing up with space to hold the moon in place..
    What keeps the moon around the earth

    Einstein said that the mass of our earth is disstorting space time to hold d moon in place around the earth
    I say its the power of time itself within our earth core and sun disstorting space and dark energy wich is time itself

    Our earthcore and sun are creating or destroyng dark energy to give us time ppl its not that hard t understand..
    Some invisible dark energy particle eminating from within our earth core or rushing towards it ro be

    This in return gives us time by giving us motion wich just translates to energy right..our energy is time by our planet existing the universe compliments us in the only way the universe does by Time.. Dark energy=time Einstein knew it and i know it ..u ppl will someday learn it too..
    Simple really and rigth under our feet

  3. If time ceases. Photons cease to move. Solidity derived from atomic vibration does not exist. Nothing can exist as we perceive it - IF Time were to cease.

    Time is everything and nothing.

    If the material that consitutes the entire universe could be sealed in a theoretical encapsulation of infinite size with time removed, then the material would exist in all states it had ever existed in including all life on earth and so forth all in one present moment forever. Although this would not be possible because without time there is no substance, only that which causes substance to exist which of course is energy.

    Time is, or so it logically appears to be, only important to substance itself. Where no matter exists time cannot exist.
    The vacuum of space is filled with light and matter all of which are eminations of energy from which time can be created.
    It seems that time relates to the change of state from energy to the physical - To be more specific where energy conditions give rise to the formation of matter that forms and has formed our perseptable universe.
    Time clearly is required for existence and is the ultimate limiting factor for everything perceptible and therefore must exist as intangible as it may seem.


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