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Spectacular New 1.5 BILLION Pixel Image Of Andromeda Galaxy Released

Researcher by using the Hubble Space Telescope took a 1.5 billion pixel image of the Great Andromeda Galaxy. You can see a detailed overview of the image below, but that’s not it yet. Maximum monitors show almost less than two million pixels, so when you see the whole image you are possibly dropping nearly 99.9% of the resolution. In order to take full advantage of the work NASA and the ESA have put into producing this stunning image, you have to go to the Hubble site where you can to zoom into different spots of the galaxy, seeing the amazing detail come to life each time you zoom in. What may have appeared like a distinct star is exposed as a compressed cluster or a giant bordered by hundreds of others stars too pale to make out in the wider view.

Image Credit NASA/ESA

Most of Andromeda's stars are basically too faint to be grasped at this distance, even with a telescope as great as Hubble. Nevertheless, the image also doesn't capture the full width of this huge galaxy. The portion photographed is 40,000 light-years across, but shows only one side of the galaxy, as the left hand end only just shows the galactic center. The outmost sections have also been omitted with the galaxy's complete diameter expected at 3-5 times this size.  Though the work may launch a thousand screensavers and wall photographs, it is more than a decent PR for the space program. The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT) project captured Andromeda from close-ultraviolet wavelengths to the close-infrared, with both red and blue filters. This amount of detail through such a variety will be used to check theories about the structure of spiral galaxies, and deduce outcomes for more distant spiral galaxies.

You can see the image in full resolution here at HubbleSite

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