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11 Jaw Dropping Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

1. This is Earth; this is where we live, in contrast to the remaining of our interplanetary neighborhood i.e. our Solar System. Our Solar System is travelling through space at a speed of roughly 70,000 kilometers an hour.  I’ve even read approximations that this number can be equal to 500,000 kilometers an hour.
2. The little green stuff you see in the image below there is North America. Do you know that more than at least 1000 Earth’s could fit inside of Jupiter? Actually, all of the planets in the entire Solar System could fit inside of Jupiter.

3. Here in the image below is the total size of six Earth’s in comparison to Saturn.
4. Now that you know you have some idea about planets, look at the image below. Here’s how huge our Sun is as compared to all of the planets in the entire Solar System.
5. This is our Solar System.
6. When we zoom out from that we see other Solar systems, stars and planets that surround our own.
7. Further zooming out  will take you to our Milky way galaxy which contain billions of stars.
8. Zoom out even more and you get that our milky galaxy is surrounded by other galaxies known as Local  Galactic Group.
9. Zoom out further and you get our neighboring galaxies bounded by other galaxies with their own neighboring galaxies.  This is known the Virgo Supercluster.
10. Virgo Superclustor is surrounded by other groups of galaxies and it called as Local Superclustors.
11. After that there comes the observable universe. I will let you use your imagination if you want to carry on zooming out….
So, still think that we are alone in this huge universe?????? 

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