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What The Hell Was That Huge Flash Over Russia?

Russian dash-cams, although extensively used for insurance honesty purposes, are one of the finest things that have ever occurred to the internet. In addition to providing hours of entertaining videos of strong police pursuits, hysterical drunken adventures, and random actions of kindness, the recording of definite phenomena has been of scientific concern as well. After the asteroid fireball over Chelyabinsk in February 2013, they have now aided to resolve another mystery that happened just last week. On the evening of Friday, November 14, residents near Russia’s Sverdlovsk area saw a large orange burst of light in the sky. There was not an instantly clear cause for this huge flash in the sky. Was it another asteroid? A meteor? Or a firepower explosion? According to a local news source agency, the early cause was supposed to be the military carrying out routine removal of explosives. Though, there aren’t any bases nearby where this occurrence took place, and a military representative has told that they weren’t involved in this event.

Check out the video here:

A break in defining the source of the mysterious light came when an additional video was released, providing a new point of view. In addition to the perky light in the sky, this new video displays a bright light on the ground. It’s observable on the horizon on the way to the left, and can be seen about the 0:20 mark. It’s certainly imaginable that the light wasn’t originating in the sky; it originated from the ground and was being mirrored off of the clouds. Some have guessed that this looks very much like a rocket launch, but the close by Plesetsk cosmodrome did not have any take-offs planned. Maybe with the issue of more dash-cam videos, the ground explosion that produced this intense light in the sky will be identified.

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