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Here Is What Our Cities Would Look Like Without Light Pollution

Just imagine the view if our cities were lit by billions of stars? Remove the light and air pollution that complicates our sight of the cosmos and we would be left with a stunning light show. French illustrator Thierry Cohen has prepared something just like that, illustrating a world in which our cities and perfect night skies co-exist together. Here is what Cohen said to WIRED “By combining two realities, I am making a third that you cannot see … but it exists! I am showing you the missing stars,” As city skies are polluted with light from street marks, other signs and corner shops, Cohen had to travel to the similar latitude in another part of the world to get a pure view of the night sky. The resultant images are the product of under-exposure and a system known as day for night. You can view all 17 images at ThierryCohen’s “Darkened Cities” gallery. Here are my favourites.

Shanghai 31° 13' 22'' N 2012-03-17 Lst 14:47 

San Francisco
San Francisco 37° 48’ 30’’ N 2010-10-09 Lst 20:58

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro 22° 56’ 42’’ S 2011-06-04 Lst 12:34

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