Here Is An Ultra HD Time-Lapse Of Earth That Is 100% Worth Watching

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It's odd that we can be blasé about space-imagery, our desires flooded by a stable stream of "mesmerizing," "humbling," and "mind-blowing" tape of our planet. It takes more than a sight from the ISS to offer us pause. So believe me when i say that this video is absolutely worth the watch. The video in query is a time-lapse of Earth as processed by Elektro-L, the first Russian weather satellite to work in geostationary orbit. Although geostationary recording of Earth isn't precisely exceptional, it's the first time we've seen it offered at this level of feature, in 4K resolution.

This video is stunning. At full screen, at as maximum a resolution as your monitor can muster, it's like a four-minute holiday for your brain.
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