With Their Mark on Earth, Humans May Name Era, Too

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Humans are altering Earth atmosphere so much, heating and polluting it, because of which many scientists are going toward a new mode to define the time we live in. They're naming it the Anthropocene (AN'-thruh-poh-seen) or the age of humans. However maximum non-experts don't understand it, science names the past 12,000 years as the Holocene, a Greek meaning "entirely recent." But in a mode which humans and their productions are changing the planet, specifically its climate, has triggered a growing number of scientists to use the term "Anthropocene."

Image Credit: (AP Photo/NASA)

More than 500 scientific researchers have been issued this year stating to the present time period as the Anthropocene. On Friday the Anthropocene Working Group inclines up its struggles to change the era's name with a gathering at a Berlin museum.

Source: Phys.org
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