The Hoverboard Is Finally Real

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The Hendo Hoverboard was formed by a California couple named Jill and Greg Henderson, who are confident to put their hover machinery in the hands of developers by July 2015. It will originate in the arrangement of a white box with hoverboards following a few months later. A journalist for GigaOM tried the hoverboard for a spin. According to her it was like “standing on a giant air hockey puck hovering three quarters of an inch above the ground.” With its popularity it still has one big catch with the technology. This hoverboard can only works over a non-ferrous metal exterior, so you can’t just take it for a ride at your indigenous skate park, and directing or steering is also an issue, according to Engadget. Though, Hendo enthusiastically confesses that perfecting the hover board will take "a little extra time and resources." What you see in the video below is just an evidence of idea, a precursor to what the inventors hope to build. Hendo is proposing it to everybody in the form of a Whitebox Developer Kit, allowing anybody to create hovering objects with easiness. If the Kickstarter touches its finance goal of $250,000 by its goal of December 15, the first set of Hendo Hoverboards will be accessible on Oct. 21 of next year.
Image credit: Brant Ward / The Chronicle

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