NASA's Antares Rocket Explodes Seconds after Lifting off

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Seconds after lifting off at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility located in Virginia, the unmanned Antares rocket destined to transport cargo to the International Space Station blasted. This was destined to be the third commercial resupply operation by Orbital Sciences. The explosion occurred at 6:22 pm EDT on October 28, just six seconds after launching.  No injuries or deaths are supposed to have occurred because of this miscarried launch, with all workers at Wallops safe and accounted for. NASA representatives have defined the occurrence as a “catastrophic anomaly” but have not pointed to a cause of explosion so far. NASA reports that the team did not experience any cautionary signs proceeding to launch that there would be a problem.
Image credit: NASA TV

A press session will be held at 8:30 pm EDT to talk over the initial answers of the failed launch. You can watch it live here:

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