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Lawrence Krauss - A Universe From Nothing

This is a summarized version of Lawrence Krauss' speech in which he clarifies how and why the universe could have perhaps been formed from nothing.


Anonymous said...

Arrogance Limits Cosmology: I've never seen a lawyer yet that would selectively search for evidence, they wouldn't make much money if they did grin. Believing that the universe created itself or denying all possibility of a creator of the universe is naivety. You know one has lost their perspective when they start proselytizing anti-God, anti-religion or anti-creation. Logic should tell anyone that there must be a reason for this selective thinking as it's not logical. One out of eight people are born with sociopathic or psychopathic personality disorders that are incapable to understand the concept of love, empathy, the concept of God or even the ability to love animals. They devise a logical reason for what they do not understand. Believing in both science and God unlocks your limited imagination and enables one to work smarter not harder. I believe God is the universe. Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein.

Religion, atheism and science all have subtle forms of mind control (brainwashing). Tell someone who believes in God that you believe in science and they will say it's of the devil, then try to convert you to their way of thinking and point out scripture after scripture in the Bible thinking that you mustn't believe in God for how could you if you believe in science. Tell someone that believes in science that you believe in God and they will say you're ignorant, then try to convert you to their way of thinking and point out theory after theory in science thinking you must be ignorant to believe in God.
Tell an atheist you believe in God and they will say you're ignorant than try to convert you to their way of thinking and point out scripture after scripture in the Bible and try to refute it, saying the Bible is nothing but a bunch of fairytales and God doesn't exist.|
Unlike a computer, we can't reformat the hard drive and start over. We are the product of the environment we are exposed to. The only logical conclusion that one can come to is that in the grand scheme of things there must be something more intelligent than man. Give man pure intelligence and he would not need God. grin You know you've lost you've perspective when not only do you lose your sense of humor but you cannot allow other ideas to be explored.
We don't believe in the spiritual, nor do we believe in religion. Isn't theory basically religion? I mean -- you've only changed the word religion to theory, because you think something like man-made numbers can explain everything? Theory is an educated guess on nonexistent numbers, which we haven't been able to calculate yet; or even prove it, for that matter. You're kinda of stupid, aren't you? Proof that your existence and 'theories' are the product of second dimensional paradoxical knowledge. Come to think of it, your circuit boards are built on a two dimensional surface; wonder where that technology came from?" The human brain is divided in two halves and has many sub-systems that work together to equate what we perceive as reality. Our consciousness is but an illusion that lives in a two dimensional world of uncertainty. Give man pure intelligence and he would not need God “I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one? Albert Einstein. God The Universe Concept

Anonymous said...

solid article , good point of view at both ends of the big bang candle .... PS , not the grammar police , but do revise " You know you've lost you've perspective " ....

Unknown said...

Matter is expanding in space, there is more of a mechanical possibility of a galaxy creating a new universe than a tiny point of nothing or the imaginary singularity, if in 200 billion years the central core mass is actually a dark matter mass with an orbiting plasma charged particle field , that takes atoms apart and collects those parts,over billions of years then that can be inducted back into hydrogen gas atoms, when it cools off, to release the starsand mini dark matter orbiting masses into an expanding ring followed by the hydrogen gas atoms to construct a new universe out of the parts, the processes,the magnetics of the old, the chance of that being the structure and design mechanically is greater than your standard cosmological model you have now,

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