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Birth And Death Of The Universe

In the past several years that the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has circled Earth, it has taken three-quarters of a million pictures of the universe. Using info provided by Hubble researchers have established theories about birth and death of the universe……

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John Paily said...

There is no Birth and death to the universe -From both material perspective of the western world and the living perspective of eastern thinking time is inevitable reality - The west saw gravity or centripetal force binding and attracting the system to a center. Einstein introduced gravity field or net that directs to black hole or singularity and thus we have Big Bang Theory at which all laws fail- Thus Einstein thought of anti-gravity, cosmological constant etc. Now we have string theory, parallel world and ekpyrotic scenario of creation.

They all fit in when we visualize universe as living. Life has male and female – life originates from single cell phase in which the masculine enters the feminine to conquer time and death and initialize the information of the system. Then it divides and differentiates into inner and outer worlds. We need to extend this biological phenomenon from cell to DNA, to an atom [soul], a space inside it, and a quantum particle in the atom [Higgs boson] that gives life to the whole system – Universe need to be understood as Life Force or information unfolding to transform the whole system and initialize it. It is this thinking that I have shared in all my article. I am not a physicist, but fallowed the ideas and concepts of science that evolved over time, and all of them seem to fit into what nature revealed to me in a short period. I lack writing skill and ability to mathematically interpret it. But I am confident that I can convince anyone in a face to face discussion that universe is living and conscious being. http://www.scribd.com/doc/241535317/Re-Imagination-of-Gravity-and-Electromagnetism

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