Why There Are Possibly Many Universes-Quantum Mechanics

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On his blog, Caltech physicist Sean Carroll describes how if you admit quantum mechanics, now recognized as the leading model of physics, Einstein's remarks about "spooky action" notwithstanding, it is not hard to admit the multiple universes theory. Well yes, it's a weird idea. So weird that it at first appears absurd and terrible. Carroll writes "Why, this objection goes, would you ever think of inventing a huge — perhaps infinite! — number of different universes, just to describe the simple act of quantum measurement? It might be puzzling, but it’s no reason to lose all anchor to reality,"

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Our knowledge of the classical Newtonian universe so leads our worldview, it is the utmost storied physics narrative and the most noticeable to the bare eye, that any contrasting theories threat severe reasoning disagreement. Postulating more than one universe suggests finding a lot of new space for those universes to fit into. But this is not how the quantum realm considers of space. If you admit the principles of quantum mechanics to be correct, you must admit its assumptions. Read more at Preposterous Universe

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