Watch The Curiosity Rover Firing A Martian Rock With A Laser Beam

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Moreover from sending us back occasional astronomy images, one of the visually cooler liabilities the Curiosity rover has up on Mars is shooting its lasers at rocks it come across in its pathway. Here's the main recording it's ever beamed back of just how that procedure works. After Curiosity shoots its laser, the subsequent flash of plasma light is studied to regulate what types of elements make up the rock that is being examined. Though Curiosity has tested the configuration of more than 600 different rocks by means of an impressive 150,000 rounds of its laser beams, this is the first time it's also taught its cameras on the vision to give us a sight of what it perceives. According tothe study, the rock examined in the video, which NASA has termed "Nova", is made up generally of silicon, aluminium and sodium.

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