Explosive 'Carbon Snake' Chemical Reaction

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In order to produce this splendid reaction, Adrian McLaughlin, puts roughly half a teaspoon of the chemical compound para-nitroaniline, also branded as 4-nitroaniline, into a pottery dish and adds a few strenuous droplets of sulphuric acid. Adrian McLaughlin then heats up the mix over a Bunsen burner flame, and contracts it simmer for 50 seconds before this all gets, well, unusual. Fast-forward to 1:20 if you really want to get straight to the worthy material. The decay of the two chemicals procedures a solid, foam-covered ‘snake’. Researchers are trying to work out the precise molecular make-up of this snake, but according to the US National ScienceFoundation’s website, NASA has been learning the foamy material for its capability to very rapidly and efficiently extinguish fire. They call it an 'aphrogenic pyrostat’, since a substance that customs foam when it's excited is branded as an aphrogen, and a pyro stat is a flame retardant substantial or device.

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