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Watch This Jaw-Dropping Video of a Pulsar's Beating Heart

NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is a laboratory in low Earth orbit that the Agency procedures to study some of the maximum high-energy foundations of radiation in the Universe. Its wide-eyed Large Area Telescope (LAT) makes a curve of the complete sky every three hours, soaking up gamma rays that originate from cosmic objects stretching from supernovae to pulsars. Among the most well-known subjects of LAT's scrutiny is a pulsar by the name of Vela,  according to NASA, it's the perkiest, most determined source of gamma rays the LAT sees.

The video above, produced by NASA's Goddard Visualization team, converts 51 months of LAT position and disclosure data on the Vela pulsar into a stunning Spiro graphical pattern, reproducing a variation of the spacecraft's exercises, counting its orbit around Earth, the precession of its orbital plane, the north-south sway of the telescope's stare from orbit-to-orbit, and more. It is positively spellbinding, hands down one of the most exclusive space conceptions we've seen in years.

The photo above compresses eight separate frames from the whole animation. The actual limit to the LAT's field of sight is projected over whirls of transformed observational data. Really beautiful stuff.

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