Walking on Water- Its Easier Than It Sounds

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Walking on water is a wonder, right? Perhaps not. Pretty much anybody can do it, providing you have enough cornstarch to add to the water. Merging cornstarch and water generates oobleck; a non-Newtonian fluid. That means it doesn’t act like a classic fluid. Though it does discharge like a liquid, it actions like a solid when force is applied. Consequently, adding sufficient of it into a pool will let you and your friends to run, walk, dance, or even play soccer on it. The single instruction is that you have to keep moving; else it’ll gulp you up in a quicksand-like way.

Check out this team of people in Malaysia as they see what occurs when you step on top of 8,000 liters of oobleck. This certainly makes me want to host my own oobleck pool gathering this summer!

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