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"Particle Fever"--An Exciting New Documentary About the Hunt for the Higgs Boson

Mark Levinson’s inspiring new movie “Particle Fever,” which shows the 2012 discovery of the fabled Higgs boson, the Holy Grail of particle physics, and marks the extreme scientific accomplishment of our new century come alive, and by creating the theoretical and experimental boundaries of physics appear so deeply vital and cool. The film captures the cooperative worldwide enthusiasm when the LHC arises online for the first time, and when two detached teams of scientists approve the discovery of the earlier unidentified elementary particle with a mass between 125 and 127 giga-electron-volts.
Image credit: NASA, ESA, and D. Coe (NASA JPL/Caltech and STScI)

Andrew O'Heir in a clear analysis of the documentary writes "Most of us outside the discipline of physics, can only understand the theoretical backdrop of the quest for the Higgs, and the debates and conundrums arising from its apparent discovery, in simplified or metaphorical terms." The presence of the boson is taken as indication of the “Higgs field,” which halts certain laws of symmetry that else hold in the universe and permits numerous elementary particles to hold mass, eventually making assemblies like atoms and stars, planets and finally organic life procedures possible. Enjoy it….!!!!!!

Via particlefever.com 

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