Curiosity Discloses What Humans Have Never Seen

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Astrophysicists stuck on Earth miss a lot of astrophysical marvels. Luckily, the Curiosity Rover on Mars is serving to fill the crack with our first-ever look at another planet orbiting our sun, as grasped from a planet that's not Earth.

In addition to being the first time we've seen a different planet cross the sun from another planet; this is also, and actually, our first sight of Mercury as it acts on Mars ever. If you're curious about contrasting the sights from the red planet and our own blue rock, you'll have a while of a wait, yet. The next time Mercury's path through the sun will be observable from Earth won't be until May 9, 2016 and it will be nearly additional 70 years before Mars will be able to see the Earth cross the sun.

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