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Are We Receiving Radio Signals From An Alien Race?

Well I’m not going to segue into a debate of the completely inhuman and alien concepts spread by left-wingers, however it would be appropriate. No, I am speaking about actual radio signals from space. We are receiving them, but we don’t know what they are, where they are actually coming from, and how they are formed. Are these signals from aliens? Well to be clear, the fact is, we just don’t know. But that they might be alien signals is tantalizing, certainly. And researchers say there is no way to exclude that probability. Well, it appears that researchers are lastly approving that we have been getting an infrequent radio burst nowcalled an FRB, which stands for Fast Radio Bursts. Initiating from billions of light-years away, these FRBs are merely milliseconds long, but they are radio signals that astrophysicists cannot recognize.

The first one was detected in 1967 by British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell. The next one was noted in 2007 and it was so odd that maximum researchers sensed that it was just a malfunction of the apparatus that detected it. For years the astronomy community debated back and forth about these FRBs and even when a few additional were detected no one might quite approve if it was a real occurrence or if it was just malfunctioning equipment.

Nonetheless, with the up-to-date recording of an FRB, astrophysicists are now coming into settlement that these things do exist. There have been several of them, now, to assume it is a fleeting malfunction. But what are they actually? On that there is nothing close to a agreement. Some say they are the radio discharges of blazing stars. Others say they are white dwarfs merger, or neutron stars crashing, or even a disintegrating blitzar. And then there is the giant concept: alien signals. The thing is, the impression that these FRBs are alien transmissions isn’t excluded because there’s just no reason they couldn’t be alien signals. The point is, no one knows and there isn’t any way to measure chances, so slight is known.

I tend not to trust that there is intellectual life somewhere else in the universe. Actually, I struggle to find it here! I also discard that aliens ever visited the Planet Earth But, like I said, there are no facts that would discount an alien cause for these FRBs. So, what do you all consider or think about it? Is ET ringing us?

Source: Wizbang

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Unknown said...

Is it possible to hear on w.w.w.? Just curiosity! Interpret what they mean contest?

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