Earth Breathes, And It Is Beautiful

By means of NASA's up-to-date high-resolution satellite imagery of Earth, data imagining professional John Nelson has produced a pair of charming animations that track seasonal changes on the blue marble we call home. John Nelson says "I downloaded the 12 cloud-free satellite imagery mosaics of Earth at each month of the year wrapped them into some fun projections, then stitched them together into a couple animated gifs." The end result is a pulsing visualization he calls "A Breathing Earth":

Nelson describes the impetus for the animations on his blog as: “Having spent much of my life living near the center of that mitten-shaped peninsula in North America, I have had a consistent seasonal metronome through which I track the years of my life. When I stitch together what can be an impersonal snapshot of an entire planet, all of the sudden I see a thing with a heartbeat. I can track one location throughout a year to compare the annual push and pull of snow and plant life there, while in my periphery I see the oscillating wave of life advancing and retreating, advancing and retreating. And I'm reassured by it.”

Absolutely stunning.
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