Supercooled Helium Does Things That Don't Seem Possible

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We all know helium as a gas for carrying up balloons and creating people talk resembling chipmunks. It's also extremely vital as a coolant for medical devices and scientific equipments. Though, what is less known is that helium has two dissimilar liquid states, one of which is truly extraordinary, closest to creepiness. Helium I arises between 2.18 and 4.22 Kelvin i.e. 270.97°C to 268.93°C. It has a few twists of its own. It is nearly difficult to see, so that scientists soar things in it just to be able to find out where the surface is.
A thin film of liquid helium creeps up the side of the vessel, over the brink and customs a droplet on the bottom before dipping below till the container is vacant.Image Credit: Alfred Leitner

This is an outcome of being both clear and hardly slowing light at all related to a vacuum, or the Earth's atmosphere. Though, it is when we go below 2.18K that things get indeed strange. This BBC video will give you particular idea:

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