Newly Discovered Planet Has The Longest Year In The Known Universe

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The recently discovered exoplanet is located 2,000 times distant from its star than Earth sits from the Sun, creating it the lengthiest planetary orbit of any planet discovered so far. The fresh, hot planet is situated in the Pisces constellation, which is about 156 light-years from Earth, and this discovery discovery has been announced in Astrophysical Journal. As Christopher Crockett describes in Science News, astrophysicists first observed the planet as a fragment of infrared light following its sun. "The planet glows in infrared because it’s young, just 100 million years old, and still cooling," Crockett inscribes.


It's projected that this newly discovered planet would be around 800ºC and is about 9 to 13 times as gigantic as Jupiter.  Indeed, there's even a chance that the "planet" may in fact turn out to be a very faint, lightweight star.

Learn More About This Planet At Science News.

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