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Here's What It Would Look Like To Fly Directly Into a Nebula

No doubt, Nebulae are one of the most beautiful things in the universe. Ever marveled what it would be like to stare out the window of a spaceship as it travels through space? Well it’s time to put an end to this Wonder. This video provides you a spaceship's-eye view as you take off from a mountain range in Earth, fly over the stars, and then move nearer to a distant brightness in the sky, till you're dropped right into the mid of the Orion nebula. And it does it all in just 2 minutes and Orion Nebula is about 1300 light-years away.

The video was produced by Isidro Villó, who made the video by joining an automatic super telephoto zoom lens with the disclosure time of a DSLR camera, in a procedure that he calls "deep sky time lapse".


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