Ultimate Fate of Universe- The Big Rip Theory

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The Big Crunch theory, as described in the previous article, is not convincing. Scientists have figured out some other ways through which the fate and the end of our universe can be explained. Predicting how the universe will end involves some of the most advanced technology known to man. A battle in space is being monitored by various scientists all around the world. What is this 'battle'? It is the battle between Gravity and the force responsible for expanding the universe. Ground based telescopes are like time machines, when they look into the sky, they are actually looking into the past.

           When certain stars run out of fuel they collapse into themselves. Creating a smaller and denser mass that attracts more and more matter. This super dense mass forms the Black Hole. A Black Hole is a mind boggling concept in that something is invisible, undetectable and offers a view to our ultimate fate. It causes a huge warp in a space and consumes everything that comes near it. Black holes exist in isolated areas throughout the cosmos. A Black Hole’s gravitational pull is a scale down version of a force that could cause the universe to collapse, that force is Dark matter. Dark Matter is also known as cosmic glue. Dark Matter attracts other objects, it’s a positive force. There is another force that opposes gravity, Dark Energy. Dark Energy has repulsive effects which pushes galaxies away from each other. Dark Matter favors the Big Crunch theory, but universe is not showing any chance of slowing down its expansion. Which means Dark Energy can be stronger than Dark Matter. The rate of expansion determines which force is winning this battle.

             The bright explosions in the universe allows scientists to observe and calculate the rate of expansion of universe. This information might lead astronomers to the conclusion of the Big Crunch or it may lead towards a totally different scenario. The recent observation and calculations show that universe is not just expanding but is also speeding up. This means that an invisible force is working against gravity. Cosmologists call this force, Dark Energy. Astronomers think that in early age of the universe Dark Matter was greater force but now Dark Energy has taken over the universe. Dark Energy is now the dominant property of space. The history and the future of the universe is a competition between these two forces. On the basis of these observations, there is a theory in which Dark Energy will pull apart everything, from Galaxies to atoms. If the Dark Energy rules the cosmos then it will rip everything apart. This tearing apart is called the Big Rip. In this scenario, everything will fade out to black and everything will be ripped apart leaving nothing behind. Dark Energy with time will overcome the nuclear forces among atoms and will rip apart everything. It wouldn’t happen for approximately 50 billion years, but it is still interesting to explain and understand the fate of the universe. Finding out the ultimate fate of our universe is like a detective story and we are trying to figure who will be responsible for the increasing rate of expansion. We know its name but not about how it works.

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