Ultimate Fate of Universe- The Big Freeze Theory

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Hubble Space Telescope provides scientists, clues less violent but equally unavoidable about the end of the universe. In last two articles I mention Big Crunch and Big Rip Theories and both of them are dramatic and violent. Other than these two theories there comes another theory Known as Big Freeze or Big Chill. Scientists now say that the universe is expanding and depending on how fast it is accelerating, it might end in a Big Rip but it’s also possible that it will continue to expand but at a slower rate and universe wouldn’t be ripped apart but will become dark, cold and lifeless. If the universe will keep on going to expand with a slower or constant rate than one day we will look in the sky and we will see nothing. That’s because the distant galaxies are so far that light cannot even reach to our telescopes. Nobody is sure about this big freeze will even take place or not. But one thing is sure that if the universe does not stop expanding then after some billion or may be trillion years you can’t be able to find any star in the sky because all the stars will have used their nuclear fuel and the only thing from them will be left behind would be neutron stars or dead black holes. The temperature all across the universe will reach to absolute Zero. At that point, even consciousness or thought cannot exist. In a sense laws of physics are a death warrant to all the life in the universe.

If Dark Energy turns out to be constant property of space and continues to its same rate as it is now then the universe will keep expanding forever and in the end it will just chills out and everything cools down. Evidence for all the theories for the end of universe comes from Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble is orbiting the Earth since 1990 and has an unobstructed view of cosmos. The extraordinary pictures send back on earth by Hubble are amazing in their clarity and detail. Because of Hubble scientists can make predictions about how the universe will end. Hubble sees more than just stars and galaxies. An invisible ingredient in space that can put brakes on the effect of Dark Energy and cause a Big Chill. That’s obviously Dark Matter.

Scientist explain the Dark Matter as a substance that holds the universe together and could prevent a Big Rip. Evidence has been seen in the pictures of nearby galaxies. It sometime appears that other galaxies surround them but other galaxies are not there at all. They are reflection of most distant galaxies coming from behind. Astronomers suspect that this optical illusion is Dark Matter, causing this weird distortion of Light called gravitational Lensing. Distribution of Dark Matter can be calculated by this gravitational lensing. If you can tell that how much bending is occurring then you can Map the Dark Matter and you can also tell if the Dark Matter is a taking over the Dark energy and slowing the speed of expansion of universe or not. Identifying which energy force dominates, Dark Matter or Dark Energy, will give scientists more confidence about whether a big chill or a Big Rip will be our Fate.  

The End of Universe won’t happen in next about 50 billion years and in the mean time we can grow our minds enough to figure out something else like escaping from this universe to another. In the meantime we can figure out what and where wormholes are, higher dimensions and Multiverse.

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