Ultimate Fate Of Universe- The Big Crunch Theory

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There is a Battle taking place in the farthest reaches of space, no one can see it but scientists are certain that it’s happening and the outcome is grim. The universe is going to end, it won’t happen for billions of years but there is no way out. How will our Universe end is a big challenge for astrophysicists all around the world. In order to unlock this secret they are pointing their high tech equipment towards sky and the possibilities are frightening.

In one scenario gravity pulls the universe back into itself just like the air being let out of the inflated balloon. The universe goes back into its original size and this is known as the Big Crunch. Universe will collapse on itself in end and it will be dramatic. The universe began with Big Bang. The fraction of a second in which universe and everything in it exploded into existence from a point smaller than an atom. Scientist theorize that at the moment of Big Bang the first small particles of matter called quarks were produced. Quarks collided to form building blocks of the universe. Eventually creating the stars and lighting up the cosmos. If the universe is expanding since the Big Bang, scientists have to consider that it will stop at some point and the question is how?

The most obvious answer involves gravity, what goes up must come down. Gravity will cause the universe to collapse and scientists call this Big Crunch. Consider a rocket as a universe. When fuel in the rocket burns, it starts moving upward unless the all fuel is burned. When all the fuel is used up by the rocket to move upward, rocket stops and comes back on the ground and crashes. This is what will happen to universe, it will essentially be pulled back to its launch pad. The universe has its own energy and momentum and its moving outward but eventually there is a point where, possibly, the universe will stop moving outward and has to fall back on its initial position where all started under the force of its own gravity.

The Big Crunch theory moves to a scientific back burner. Cosmologists have figured out that there must be some form of energy that keeps the universe from collapsing. The existence of such a force leads towards new theories about what the universe is made of and how it might end. As mentioned in the beginning of article that there is a battle taking place, that battle is between Gravity and the force responsible for the expansion of universe. If the gravity wins than Universe will collapse on itself just like the death of a star when gravity of a star overcomes the nuclear force between atoms. Big Crunch is a one possible scenario among many which explains the death of our universe.

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