Hubble Telescope Sees Asteroid Mysteriously Break in Pieces

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Hubble Space telescope has captured images of something that has never been seen before in history. Hubble Space Telescope has captured sequential images of an Asteroid breaking into pieces. Each piece after breaking down has its own comet-like dust tail. The reason of this breaking apart of an Asteroid could be the pressure created by interior ices warming and vaporizing. 

Image Via Hubble (Source)

Astronomers say that most of remnant of this asteroid will eventually fall into the sun. This asteroid is known as P/2013 R3 and it was observed as a fuzzy object in September 2013. Observations in January 2014 from the Hubble Space Telescope show 10 pieces building up asteroid p/2013 R3. This phenomenon has been argued by scientists for several years but this is the first time that it has been observed. Astronomers think that P/2013 R3 itself is maybe the creation of collisional crushing of a bigger body earlier in the last billion years.

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