Déjà Vu and Parallel Universe

       What is Déjà vu? Have you ever heard of it before? Déjà vu is a French word and it means "already seen". It is actually a strong feeling or sensation about an event currently being experienced that it has been experienced in the past, it doesn’t have to do with whether it has truly occurred or not. Déjà vu is a phenomenon that we all have experienced, that strange feeling when you walk into a room or enter into a new situation and you say to yourself that I have been there before, you say that everything here is familiar. It turns out that we can actually induce forms of Déjà vu in subjects, in experiments.

            So there is a theory that says the Déjà vu is simply a fragment of memories that we have stored in our brain, memories that can be recalled by entering into an environment that resembles to something that we have already experienced. So we don’t have to involve parallel universe, we don’t have to involve the multiverse in order to explain most of the Déjà vu. However, it does raise the other question. Is it ever possible on any level to possibly flip between different universes? And the answer is actually unclear. Some physicists believe that there really is a multiverse that exist even in a living room. We are waves, vibrating waves according to string theory. These waves vibrate and then split apart with time.

Think of a radio playing a frequency, that radio is actually tuned to one frequency, but the room in which the radio is contains all the frequencies of other channels. All the radio frequencies of different channels are vibrating in that room, but the radio is tuned to one frequency. In other words, when the two universes are in the phase, they are coherent and you can shuffle between the two universes, but when the times start to evolve these two universes start to vibrate at different frequencies and you can only play one frequency. They no longer interfere with each other, so question here is why your radio cannot listen to all the frequencies? And the answer is your radio cannot listen to all the frequencies because your radio is incoherent to others. Same thing in quantum physics is we consist of atoms and our atoms vibrate, but they no longer can vibrate in unison with the other universes. So Déjà vu is probably a fragment or a feeling in our brain related to previous situations. However, in quantum physics there are in a sense parallel universe surrounding us. Problem is we cannot get access to those parallel universes because we are no longer vibrating in a unison with them.

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  1. So what if, when the waves we are are vibritating, changed frequencies? Would one simply cease to exist in this plane? OR would a new string of waves emmit from the base source: YOU; creating an alterate/parallel universe? Would that mean that every action contains its own frequency? If that statement were to be true; Would every action actually happen, and we are only able to percieve the action that our waves (that is waves that we are tuned into at our frequency) commit to? OR do all the waves go about to commit said actions, creating parallels, and are instead reverted to a single frequency that the source wave commits too, creating and destroying these parallels before they can begin. Furthermore: in these parallels does the universe start at the point of decision; does the universe start at the point of "The Big Bang?" Is our universe a creation of an alternate action?

  2. But if we put many radios in a room and hear to many frequencies. the same can happen....

  3. Interesting to say the least. In response to your comment on the website I would say that our actions are the result of us, as you stated. However, if we are nothing more than a collection of molecules made by atoms built up by protons and electrons which in turn are created by quarks ( I think it is a collection of up quarks With a few down quarks, not sure if the other micro particles apply to electromagnetism or if they are builders of the other 3 forces.) those quarks are what are built by the oscillating strings. My point I am getting to is that if we are the result of the strings and we experience this phenomenon of deja vu is it possible that what we are experiencing is not multiverse but instead the result of the action of subatomic particles popping in and out of space time? To explain this give me a second because the idea is confusing to me as well. It is widely believed that electrons can exist in multiple places at once. If this is true and space and time are of the same thing, the same fabric so to speak, could the electrons not also pop in and out of time as well? And if they are made by the strings we are talking about is it possible that the strings themselves are in fact causing the omnipresent phenomenon of electrons? If so and we are made up of these particles is it possible that we are simply tuning into ourselves and our own matter acting this way in nature as dictated by the natural forces? In other words what if it is us popping in and out of spacetime? What if deja vu is simply the physical memory (muscle memory so to speak) of the subatomic particles we are made of having already been in that moment of spacetime?

  4. I think along the same lines as Mike LeVene.


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